About Copies Unlimited

From 1992 - 1996, Jancie Painter owned Wo-Min-Co, a small-woman-owned business (SWBE) marketing pipe, valves and fittings to government entities focused on purchasing from "minority and woman-owned businesses". Responding to an Engineering/Purchasing inquiry from TVA requesting a quote for a large piping system that required the duplication of oversize drawings, the TVA purchasing agent suggested going to Kinkos to get copies of the drawings necessary to obtain prices for the various parts of the project. Thinking that this service was available in Greeneville, it was an eye opener to find out that this service and other copying, printing and graphic services were nowhere to be found. That is when the idea for Copies Unlimited was born.

Full Color Printing

Since opening the doors April 1, 1996, Copies Unlimited has been among the elite ranks of printing shops in East Tennessee - using black/white and color digital copiers networked with all computers and storage devices. Not bad for a woman that had been a working single mother! Jancie's daughter graduated from UT with a Masters in Nuclear Engineering, has worked with many nuclear facilities all over the U.S., is very respected and recognized by the Department of Energy for her knowledge and work ethics and is now acknowledged by Hewlett Packard as a key Project Manager in the many department responsibilities to which she has been assigned. Jancie's son graduated from ETSU with a Business/Finance Degree, progressing from being an accountant clerk to Co-Owner of LandAir, as well as a well-respected business leader in the trucking arena, a supporter of higher education goals for our youth and highly recognized as a devout Christian family man.

Since 1996 networking with knowledgeable technical and sales people, Copies Unlimited continually acquires the most up-to-date technology to ensure our customers receive the highest quality of work. We are recognized as a leader in our area for offering unlimited services highlighted by providing full color copies up to 60" wide which before was not available in Greeneville.

We understand that what we do today affects our world tomorrow. That is why we have made great strides to use recycled paper and digital equipment technology that ensures that Copies Unlimited is recognized as an eco-friendly business.